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Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tubeless Clincher

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Here at Glory we love the road tubeless format and we love the Schwalbe Ultremo Clincher so the combining of the two was great news.

The Ultremo ZX Tubeless tire with a new carbon bead to withstand the high pressures and make it easy to mount. The aim was to create a light tire that could be inflated with a track pump, and the result is an Ultremo ZX tubeless with the lowest rolling resistance of any in the range, and no sudden air loss, even from punctures, when using 30ml of sealant. Snakebite protection increases by 100% over a clincher, and all round cut resistance is improved. One tubeless tyre weighs 295g, which is about the same as a clincher plus inner tube, and Schwalbe recommend a pressure approximately 10-20psi lower than a clincher tire for a better ride, with a maximum permitted pressure of 9 Bar.

The best platform for a tubeless tire is of course a tubeless-ready rim, but you can convert many rims using Stanís conversion kit that includes a suitable valve. Although tire sealant will get you home safe most of the time, itís advisable to carry a spare tube just in case.

After researching tire sealants, Schwalbe found Stanís sealant to be ideal, and hard to better, so sell it as Doc Blue along with an easy-fit liquid to assist first-time tire sealing. In an impressive demonstration, a Tubeless tire inflated to 7 Bar and containing tire sealant was pierced through the tread, and when the spike was removed, an instant spurt of sealant shot out and then the hole was sealed within a second, resulting in minimal loss of air. Even more impressively, the spike was pushed through both sidewalls together, and when withdrawn, the sealant again plugged the holes very quickly. It took around twice as long to plug, but the tire was still very ride able, and wouldn't be dangerous even mid-descent.

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