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Mavic R-SYS SLR C 2015 Wheelset

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If you were riding around 1996-2001 you either owned or were envious of someone who owned a pair of Mavic Helium wheels. They were mostly red, clincher or tubular 8 speed, had silver alloy skewers and weighed about 1600g. The Helium gave Mavic a jump on it's competitors. Mavic had been making bicycle rims since 1934 but it was the Helium that got us all thinking of the wheel as a complete component and not hubs/spokes/rim. Helium was reliable, light had a great feel to it and was winning big stages in grand tours but could also be used for week round group rides. Mavic had broken ground with the Cosmic in 1994, had cemented their position as the leading wheel manufacturer with the Helium and when they released the Ksyrium in 1999 they seemed untouchable.

Fast Forward to 2015 and we have the privilege to test the newest R-SYS SLR. Mavic have continued to innovate and this wheelset is in many ways more advanced than anything on the road but we can't help wondering if Mavic have a wrong turn along the way and are too far out to compete with the current contenders in the wheel game.

The R-SYS is arguably the slowest wheel on the road if you are looking at wind tunnel numbers but in contrast might be one of the most comfortable wheels we have ever ridden. For 2015 Mavic have made further improvements to rim shape and rounded out the rims to be lighter and more aero but it's the round spokes that add all that drag when the wheels are measured at speed. At 1275g and very stiff for it's weight and the new 2015 R-SYS is a fantastic performer when going up or jumping out of a corner. Given it's specific characteristics the R-SYS has to be the ultimate wheel for someone but clearly not the best wheel for others.

The R-SYS SLR has a ceramic brake coating called Exalith which requires specific brake pads but once worn in Exalith is the very best braking you will ever experience. The first generation of Exalith was perhaps a little aggressive but further refinement has it much improved and after all it makes the R-SYS one of the only all black alloy clinchers which is a really cool look.

As for ride quality and comfort the R-SYS stands out as the only wheel to rival a hand built 32 hole 3 cross. Throw in it's weight advantage and reliability and it's a step up from even the customs we build with Hed rims and King Hubs.

Sold as a complete wheel system with tires (25mm for 2015) and tubes, already installed and with Mavic's tried and tested skewers it's the most convenient wheel set to purchase. No searching for suitable tires and finding out when they arrive that skewers were not included.

Priced right at the top for an alloy clincher ($2199) but still a good $500 below the most advanced carbon wheelsets the R-SYS is by no means a budget buy but on a ultra high end machine it's good value.

For the rider who needs speed and is looking to attack in the dying kilometers of a race or even a group ride the R-SYS are not going to be your best companion but for the rider who can gain advantage from sure braking, confident feeling and light climbing wheels the R-SYS might well be the fastest wheel on the road.

Test here the 2015 R-SYS SLR 4D, not available at retail but expected to be in store toward the end of the year.

These demo wheels have +- 350miles ( 600km) and are in perfect shape. For sale on our web site for $500 off the retail price of $2199 so $1699 and ships free in the USA

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